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An overdue kick in the teeth
I stood and requested a repeat
Her underbite came up slow and underhanded
A public display of assertive interaction I had previously requested
I am taken aback though assured of its merits
After feeding her sensitivity propaganda over the course of rare inclusion
Basking in shared shock and appearing more demi-god than human
All I have wanted is for her hidden features to reach our plateau
Now she realises that our breed of conscience-weighted pig
Is not in league for a murder leading crow
My only apology would relate to not inducing impudence sooner
Ours is earthly and hers is approaching lunar
The independence to follow
Cocoon's rupture is a struggle to swallow
We can replace, without effort, an empty space in the hollow
But sentimental immaturity restrains the jovial outlook that generally precedes tomorrow
A sly exercise in duality provokes questions of sincerity
Undiscussed lest we achieve agonising clarity
So it's forgotten
Choices in between are worthwhile yet palid and rotten
Letting go for the certain fate of another
Hurts the most when I examine the remains of platonic sisters and brothers
Reap what you sow and you will find the darkhorse peering out from esoteric covers
A stab at positivity
Nobility and just for good measure
A little public visiblity
Turn the other cheek to ego affirming vilainy
Left me teetering and covertly trailing authenticity
Sole survivor channelling McGuyver
Taking cues from the teleprompter
Bottled up as though a character from Romper Stomper
No wonder the affection slipped away
Expected less when male femininity was ruthlessly conquered
And what mattered most was labour's pay
Lifestyles of moral disruption heavily sponsored
Where it took me was so far away
Seize the day?
Rather seal windows from December to May

Chapters skimmed, hearing yet not listening
An olive branch stretched out then retracted
Reneged on the second act I could have speculated and prospected
Solo pleasure, lonely leisure
Late for the discovery of unconditional treasure
We apprehensively dance to chance
Return of classic photographic stance
Though a figure in the picture is out of place
Out of sorts disregarding an explanation capable of preserving romance
They do not belong to me but they are mine
Dr.feelgood says the perception that the patient is maligned
Is cerebral trickery and that neurosis must be benign
So I guess everything is just fine
Or it is all wrong
Up and down, nowhere to belong
Glamourous pageantry
Aesthetics sanitary
Uncaged canary
Church service on the prairie
Dash for the hils
Promise of branded pills
Cashing in for dim lights
Taunting advice despite
Anchored conscience as the natural order
Nature of an adolescent craves exposure
In spite of parental guidance
Exchanging Sunday sermons for the risk of bystanding among senseless violence
Unraveling will take hold
Blood vessels will run cold
Experiences that were told
Amount to fables after another ounce of dignity is sold

Purporting to be the alpha child
Battle scars are expected
Leaving swollen ego's beguiled
A jar of conquests collected
Selling reputation by the layer
A far cry from family prayer
The hurt won't stray for long
Attention at zero during reminiscence through song
The room is spinning
Proprietor is grinning
Mistakes are common place
As is evident by the smug expression on his face

The bed is made so lie down and anticipate instruction
Satin sheets like concrete and every time feels like a blind introduction
Drawing the line at the surface
Allowing for an unfair advantage
Vantage point as a witness to opinions in hush tones
That circulate outside my chalk circle
Steering straight for the chaos line
Armed to the teeth
Real talk weighing down my overcoat
Dusty and black, the stitching holds sentiment that I would salivate to repeat

Where do we stand?
Clarity at an all time demand
We hesitate to spit how it really is
What comes out only comes out on pony and diz

It's in her honest expression, the users who use refuse to see it
He switched political allegiance and now he's paying for it
Reminiscent of the girl who chose the wrong way
Now her idea of friendship relies on heavily on the notion that everything is okay
Despite tiresome attempts to claim an hour she set aside for nothing else
We question why we continue to agree but I'm sinking in the memory of how I once felt
And she will lead the charge to midnigt, acting as though it revolves around harmless decadence
We can reminisce on our first conversation but how you feel now is of the utmost importance
And instinct tells me you're not okay

Where do we go from here?
Perfectly natural to shake in the next level of adulthood fear
I will admit that I have swam in tears and they are not all mine
They have my broad shoulders to legitimise the substle signs

Forget the strain that holds me down
I am even less when they won't go so far as to make a sound
Drowning recklessly
Reverse the left brain trend
A dive in the fountain of youth
Dove in baring teeth, crawl out nursing tooth
There is another passage
One to take ill advised impulse to new heights
So I won't be terrified to fall asleep
Waking before due time drags me to blinding lights

I hit the city and took Dublin by storm
Like the back of my hand and now i perceived it as stone fields and cold-hearted stalks of corn
The rush, the thrill and aches from assorted pills
Growing up troubled that satisfaction lies in the nonchalant kill
When waves are flirting with standing still
Knives in my ear insisting that I chill
Renders it obvious that they don't know me
Only a cliffside drive has that ability

Make my way west to the solitude permitting mediocrity
Cursing naive decisions to scour the guts of quotes ascribed to Socrates
I have seen too much and gone too far
Too lie and forge animation at the prospect of being seated at the bar
Low ceilings and shivering smokers
Same old for sale in a broad pit of despair
I ask for this and this I shall receive
An elegy for yours truly should be written without a care

Too old to play the dozens
Prime age casts aside physical hunger and distant cousins
Reflections diulge little
Too you to binge on nostalgia then proceed to wittle
Caught in the in-between
My sympathy extends towards flustered teens
They don't know what it all means
Rehearsing at the feet of wolves engrossed in assuring that Kevin Steen is no longer Kevin Steen

Still too green to figure out the workings of the machine
I am to stress over the increasing cost of skinny jeans
And appreciated the conclusion and comeuppance
When the elders realise we don't know what they mean
Skinny Jeans
I Got Delayed!
I've put the wheels in motion to change my style of writing. The idea of writing something that resembles lyrics to a British Steel cover bands garbage output is beyond sickening and I like to think I'm better than that (Or maybe not, you be the judge). A little more introspective features and a little less reliance on classic buzz words for depression. Basically less Evile, more Interpol and Lanegan. My appreciation of Metal hasn't gone away thanks to hidden sub-genres but a change is necessary. For my health, creativity and pride. 
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Davey V. Devine
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A quiet disposition counteracts silence through words on a page.

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Personal Quote: Give me mayhem or Give Me Death

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