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She follows sunken lines in his flesh
Too deep to pose as scars of impulsive tension
Claws her way into the map of wave inertia
Ruminates on whether to exit choking on contact apprehension
He is a ubiquitous figure
Though solitary in a mausoleum of glass
She is a relentless compulsion
Stalling to infinity before the funeral mass

In the beginnin there was only one,
A selection of pills and a gun
A single match set aside for the fuse
And broken strings on which to butcher the blues
Heart aching for the high-wire
Palms sweating in anticipation of the revealed liar
The sentiment never endured
It was all in his head where other flavours of agony were stored
No wonder he was floored
When the affection broke the seal and repaired the cord
Curiosity piqued
Floorboards creaked
They made their way through the winding and whiskey of his day
With what in their hands to repay?
Or perhaps it was a gesture to say
That even the worst are deserved of the price to play

All sense aside
He had scoured for a humble space to hide
Wherein obstinate dialogue felt stunted
And took up residence with the tide
It was not pity that had sewn his mouth shut
It was not the notion of labels regarding a slut
That fed his libido a feast of loathing
On a sheet of porcelain prepared for one to dine
None but the enhancement of antagonism on behalf of surveying swines
And puerile neurosis that swept winds against the trees until none stood but the insubstantial pine
Manifestation of irregular steps crossed the line
Exterior keepers of sanity slipped his disease a dime
Penetrated substance so weak the teeth of disarray maneuvre
To make room at the insistance of the entire oral cavity for the purposes of dismissive derision
At first it scratched and he caved
Now it's attached and grown to the threat of incision

The atheist in him swears on the book of familiar assistance
Relative guides dousing salt and swiftly disposing
He is in hiding by the light of impending repose
By hell, high water or quietus to rid the phase of nails, eggshells and bare toes
Second skin wearing thin
I will backtrack to begin
Polar syndromes face to misplaced
She, in a mocking slouch, perverts honest intentions by cracking a malign grin
Brand it a racket
To me it's a timid din
Paltry in comparison to repetitive moral sins
On her part
Trouble is she has no cause to atone
Boundaries slide away like a dog with a bone
Or an optimistic fool drawing blood from a stone
Hers is an inclination that knows no better
A persuasion of malice
A child in control of a delapidated palace
Trust her to behave within a mile of puppies and rabbits
A string of corpses will prove to be the result of her habit
Religion; she made it so that I require none
Politics; she made it so that I lunge toward the gun
The view is that it's wholesome fun
The malfunction in her system is that my emphatic deeds are yet to be done
There is a race to be won or, at the very least, run
Where do we go from here?
She maintains enough bravado to increase fear
Feet on the pedals whilst leaving an inexperienced schmuck to steer
Weep into beer?
Hand attention to jeers?
Her appearance on my shoulder whispers a literal nothing
Unless you consider an anarchic suggestion to be something
Of worth and to justify my birth
When we get down to bricks and mortar of the matter
My output is a canvass that belongs to the mad hatter
Change is on the horizon
For better or worse
Co-exist or perish together
At times it's solely dependent on the outcome of the weather
There is a startling fog
The misfortune is mine to have seen it
There is an enthusiastic luminescence
I am typically stubborn in being cautious to observe it
Black coffee and inert rides
Smoke and mirrors suspended permitting audacious brides
Deprived of whatever it is that holds you to the sky
Maybe I will paint a resemblance in the spider cursing the cunning of the fly
Take one for relief
Take four for lucidity
Reference the prevalent beef
The mention encounters a myriad lashing of placidity
Above the concrete shoes and wire laces of apathy
Skimming chapters based on tragedy
Coming to the conclusion that such depressants oppose the anomaly
What the hell is wrong with me?
There must be something wrong with you
My skull is transparent and yours is radiating blue
For all the invitations and awkward greetings at celebrations
Physically unable to endure exasperation
So intense and repentance is hovering
As the uninvited guest leads a macabre waltz
Commence in the zero hour
I will be under covers at a screeching halt
The past is just that and it was certainly my fault
Hesitant to repeat mistakes
Iridescent aware of high stakes
A blessing in disguise reveals sparse clouds and tenacious rakes
So feed me another line from Burroughs and I'll reciprocate whatever it takes
The epitaph should read "misunderstood"
And I've already paid into pockets so that the crumbling stone will be vandalised for the greater good
The greater good being a lapse in reason and judgment
When they turn away nonchalantly and confine me to the flood
For now the flood is in its infancy. Just a smattering of rainfall fusing with coarse mud
Or perhaps there will be no mass exit whatsoever
I never said that such a live bunch was all that clever
So I've got this egregious urge to run a line through their names
An urge to purge because their efforts are better spent dealing with the fallout from their own juvenile games

Then what?
Not a lot
An increase in training and the loss of my spot
It all took place across four weeks
A new record in an occasional streak
The truth is that I don't know what to do or what I want
Activities in hiding are a stunt
To stop me from thinking, keep me from drinking
To hold me back from slipping, occupy me so I won't appear missing
The cruelest test is found in resisting
The bad ideas, irresponsibility and unchecked damage
There is a long way to go and I'm still learning how to row
Up shits creek to where the meek
Will apparently inherit the earth
I would quite content with just an ironed shirt
Anything is better than lying facedown in the dirt
I've been hurt
I'll feel this way again
But after ten years stalked by trouble
The boy in transition doesn't have what it takes anymore
What it takes to deceive and pretend
Then again, suicide is an option
I've put the wheels in motion to change my style of writing. The idea of writing something that resembles lyrics to a British Steel cover bands garbage output is beyond sickening and I like to think I'm better than that (Or maybe not, you be the judge). A little more introspective features and a little less reliance on classic buzz words for depression. Basically less Evile, more Interpol and Lanegan. My appreciation of Metal hasn't gone away thanks to hidden sub-genres but a change is necessary. For my health, creativity and pride. 
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Davey V. Devine
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Personal Quote: Give me mayhem or Give Me Death

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