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Suffering sells
Miliseconds in perceived hell
Alarmed by casual bells
Frequency of which communicates that nobody fell
Rather swayed to one side
Based on mood because of envy directed at the glowing bride
Or habitual wandering canceled by a cantankerous tide
Notions of scenarios ashen can be denied
Instead, public displays of naivety cried
Self diagnosis
Matching a neighbour's legitimate neurosis
Convenient excuses
Composing fables and breaking truces
Convinced that heightened fragility contains no uses

Treated as an insipid disruption
An example of cunning seduction
Tender humanity is inclined to reach out to such corruption
When refutable doubts climb to a primary position
And convince a gullible sucker that the subject is wading through perdition
A road that culminates in humiliating submission
Before this it was roses, transparency and delerium
An audible declaration of shame in the lost children belonging to the beachside sanitarium
Classing such hallowed halls as a lunatic emporium
Now the sentiment turns
Lessons in manipulation learned
Feels as though the worth of contrary woe has been earned
A sickeningly wretched sight
Roaming in a line of one for a night
But tomorrow every little thing will be alright

The umpteenth problem with mental health
Besides its immaculate wealth
Is the force and stealth
At which people are convinced they have felt

Could it be that you just had a bad day?
Crawled through the prolonged stretch
Occasionally sidelined by estrangement itch
Retiring to affability's bosom that crumbled from the inside
Irregular correspondence
Flamed by partisan despondance
Circles flourished in the absence of the figure crouching down on the far side
An instant in an hour
Lamenting wilted flowers
Glaring effect of unexpected decline
They left their names and the commencement of time
For the warming of new beginnings
Alcohol and the decadent trimmings
As expected there was one missing
Not to say that I wasn't listening
Protective arms to my sides
For the sake of independence but maybe they will not understand

Everyday is exactly the same
Hints of sweet nostalgia disposed of by pain
The guts of our relations diminish
Soon the process of forgetting it all will be finished

While solitude advances
Justification dances
Reasons reinforced when I reminisce
Pityful cognitive behaviour
Encouraging words I should savour
Therapeutic musings shine in sleep when I achieve terse bliss

How does it feel to be abjectly alone among a crowd of strangers?
Open spaces my soiled throne and even that poses danger

Everyday is exactly the same
Hints of sweet nostalgia disposed of by pain
The guts of our relations diminish
Soon the process of forgetting it all will be finished

Where do we go from here?
One side walks away in fear
Ignoring contact, little thought given to a recent pact
Just bare in mind that morbid distress is the underlying fact
Ever closer
Nine spread over the twenty-eight
Dependance shakes manipulate the tedious morning labour
And all I can focus on is the removal of restraint
Passing energy burst, feeding on straights
To the backburner goes the hate, the significance of the closing date
Once every fortnight multiplied I am easily found in an alarmingly optimistic state
A social shift
The negative granted permission to lift
With the devil himself I feel safe enough to rift
Down falls the stress
Off comes her dress
The consequence of which is my continued ability to impress
Before the anxiety forms a black cloud
I should revel in the distraction
A brief moment to subtely convey that of which I am proud
Then anticipate internal reaction
These are vices equal to no other
Like a mother's love, priceless, but bereft of secluding cover

As weeks pass without friendship
Durable are the ties of lonesome complacency
As a helping hand to feed me through into the next phase
Why deny medicinal saving grace
Return to the twenty-eight
Imagination running wild with regards to eventual fate
Bittersweet to see progression on the outside
All i have left is an unambiguous state
I contemplate effacing our cracked slate
And dining from an empty plate
I found my way back with reservations in tow
Out of the woodland
Scowling out of habit
Soles anchored with dust, regret and sand
My labored hands
Took up an instrument and stood to the side of the band
These hesitation marks below ankles
Will halt an absolute reprise
Unspoken shackles
My time in the gutter repeats a warning to be wise
When I was at my worst
Perdition relieved by blunt thirst
And quenched seldom by greeting assumed to be fashioned of utter lies
Sympathy for maturity can be kept for vermin and flies
I'm on my back to the centre
From conflict to perpetual contact
One worry drifting now that exterior forces have helped her
But I'll guard my chest so they can finish this and aim for my back
For faults and failures
A tool to coerce drowning
Pity the optimistic youngling
Chance is closing in and hounding
The lesson of which to take note
Is to appease two of every animal until safe to exit Noah's boat
A goodbye is hardship unnecessary
Welcome their similiar steps toward selfish sustenance as the primary

Find guide in the river
A landing in the jagged rocks
From a great height I equate to solid ground
Much to modern chagrin and backward collective shock

For pride and pennance
Weapons beneath a cloth hiding personal desires
Age and its witness to the fall
Slowly tracks away from spitting fires
Retrieve lost pleasures then misplace them again
So goes the cycle for which we feign gratitude
The preacher suggests a venerable albeit olden route
Holding necks by the boot and so removing latitude

Survey the base satisfaction of man, woman and child
Establish reserve of their combined years
Therein is passing joy swallowed by a lifespan strictly mild
Follow through or drown in acrid tears
Recurring themes
I've put the wheels in motion to change my style of writing. The idea of writing something that resembles lyrics to a British Steel cover bands garbage output is beyond sickening and I like to think I'm better than that (Or maybe not, you be the judge). A little more introspective features and a little less reliance on classic buzz words for depression. Basically less Evile, more Interpol and Lanegan. My appreciation of Metal hasn't gone away thanks to hidden sub-genres but a change is necessary. For my health, creativity and pride. 
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Davey V. Devine
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A quiet disposition counteracts silence through words on a page.

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Personal Quote: Give me mayhem or Give Me Death

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