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Against the grain
Anchors to ocean in insecurity
Of blooming others that correct the fall of rain
To the roots I go
One part morbid splendor, one part gross immaturity
Every friend now a foe
Comparing details minor to major
Teenage behaviour
and I am aware of the reasons why
Only taken so far following therapy on high
and then I track back to black, bitter is the flavour
This sour taste ruins lives in forming rivals
From nothing at all
Their departure from mundane stalling tactics
Triggers my foreseen fall
In apathy and average disgrace
Trailing a disadvantage in the rat race
A title fitting for whoever I am supposed to be
If only I could be me
Suddenly, there were none
and little if anything to track possible whereabouts
Contemplation suggests the gun
Strict conscience sways its influence
and is persistent in allowing the weight of a ton
The sole reason being shock value
That seems abhorrent when considering the worth
Of those who granted birth
Living or killing time
Either its own persuasion of failure
Not much at all to say
Vacant, a mime
Emotional bankruptcy exhausts minimal price to play
Illegitimate to direct authority
Feeling as though there is legitimate cause to issue apologies
Whatever this is has found its way to devour from the inside out
Coming down to steady devestation
Days and weeks brewing will serve doubt
So what else is there to care about
Held my own in winter
and savage charms habitually bitter
Urge to retire claimed a question mark hung above my head
Withstood January distance
At prying eyes insistence
Collected faults and fears to substitute for meager dread
People waltz around me
Pleasurable compulsions have found me
They separate me from my headache
I thought lonliness might set me free

Staring straight into the middle strait
Perhaps I've left desire too late
I guess, I suppose I'll wait
There are but few that calm these nerves
And shove to the obvious curve
Delaying reactions and the guts to set a date
She was so much more than a casual acquaintance
Or an amalgamation of imperfect features to light a darkened room
Bonds will certainly be broken
Then lingers dismay and an signals of stupidity that loom
Our distance is mutual given that neither tried
To make an attempt
Too many unspoken feelings to hide
On occasion when I look up from the gutter
My mind wanders to memory of shared venture
Unrepentant that keeps to the side of a stubborn disposition
Her name mentioned in conversation is mine to foolishly censor
And I have my doubts that her thoughts stumble upon my permanence
Though only within a short distance
There is great difficulty in forgetting a lost friend
Avoiding contact takes the utmost resistance

It has been corroded down to a seldom few
Because of my temperament
I never sought kinship new
Just that girl and the remainders on whom I can be dependent
I've put the wheels in motion to change my style of writing. The idea of writing something that resembles lyrics to a British Steel cover bands garbage output is beyond sickening and I like to think I'm better than that (Or maybe not, you be the judge). A little more introspective features and a little less reliance on classic buzz words for depression. Basically less Evile, more Interpol and Lanegan. My appreciation of Metal hasn't gone away thanks to hidden sub-genres but a change is necessary. For my health, creativity and pride. 
  • Mood: Bitter
  • Listening to: Hadouken!
  • Reading: Brave New World
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Davey V. Devine
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A quiet disposition counteracts silence through words on a page.

Current Residence: Ireland
Favourite genre of music: Grunge, Drum n Bass, NU Metal, Hardcore Punk, Post-Punk, Groove Metal, Industrial/Aggro-tech, Metalcore, Prog Metal, Trip-hop, Stoner/Doom, Underground Hip-Hop
Favourite style of art: Surreal
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Creative Zen
Favourite cartoon character: Uncle Ruckus
Personal Quote: Give me mayhem or Give Me Death

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