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Lay my head at the foot of your calamity
I wager on my remarked anonymity
Cower to the edges where your words are softened by the blow that is the breeze
May I go at once?
Disrobe and exit drama worth months
If I did I would cave and crash at the mouthing of please
I have no girl beside me
No friends that can find me
Excommunicate the weak
Weak in the glare of a Columbian streak
In the tail I have developed
Swings sweat of leftovers bankrupt
Still a look from a complete stranger
Puts development in danger
Soon reestablished among permanent plague
The same spoils when Jesus slept in the manger

Occuping left and right
Pretty devils on both sides
Humilation is a priceless ride
I guess I'll hold another opinion inside

In the morning it's pouring
Drenched in sensitivity of scorning
Sleeping when I should be taking advantage
Spitting out instant regret
Gagging on exploitation I've let
Pick apart an identity prostated like they were an augmented savage

Adhering to left and right
Metaphysical castration
Eager audience and insufficient pride
I'm counting on exclusive separation
Convince me otherwise
That the decomposing pieces
Are the makings of a puzzle
In which I find my way back to you
Routine visits a forced gesture
Guilt rears
Only serving to pester
And eventually fester
An infestation of rational tears

My name was smeared
Met with facial expressions of agreement
Paranoia is par for the course
Acquaintences flogging a dead horse
Help is on its way
Is typical of the professionals to say
Spouting from the guidebook
This situation calls for drastic measures when my thread of will suspends from a hook

Convince me I am obviously mistaken
Backtrack to prove a point
Catch yourself on proven circumstance
And proceed to dance
Around the issue
Pulling the sympathy toward your opinion
Reach for tissue after tissue
I struggle to believe I actually missed you
And what I cant get over, all the little things you do

The hood never wavers on arrival
For reasons still foreign to the crowds
Understanding the example of the bigger picture
Goes unnoticed without so much as a flicker
How do we discuss our shared mentality?
I resist inclusion into broad banality
I am happy for you in your spiral brand new
When you see me please take note despite the pressures of their hounding
I am not waving, I am drowning
It came spilling out over casual coffee
A terrible truth in hush tones
Reeling in the after effect of influential reflection
And tearing it down to an assembly of bones
One matter to be ignored
Another to trail behind astounding ignorance
Some take a slow stab at nothingness
To follow and repeat is in conflict with painstaking innocence
We might bond over current affairs
Discussions regarding very little at all
When it comes to the common ground and interest
The standard has nowhere to go but to fall
And rehearsals before sitting to dine
Wreak havoc on my tender mind
Though I settled for less and a small town goddess
Problematic that I had few attempting to invest
I see youth at play almost everyday
Asked of my status and they have nothing to say
Left in the lurch
Seething on the front porch
In persistence of seldom sight
And the idea of occupation on any given night
But these are just figures from before
Out there in distant pastures
I wonder do they think of me
Then I remember that I am their private bastard
My former only
Took a long road to the heights of desire
Ghosted with two faces
Reluctance to brand a liar
Empty suitcases
Reputable charm saves graces
We grow apart and then back together
Whenever the status quo loses interest in cheap leather

My darlings
Took past pleasantries to new levels
Shunning contact, outreach and concern
As the manipulative instigator played dumb, retired and reveled
On the outside disregarding invitation to right a wrong
So she relates this situation to a sullen song
In listening she wonders how the fault comes down to her
My expression resembles stone even though my blood can do nothing but stir
All the while naivety runs its course
And one believes in the changing nature of the beast
A thought process untrustworthy for regular delusion
Safe distance from boiling trouble
Which is only an appetiser in a vindictive feast

In the middle is the voice of reason
Terrified of being accountable for treason
Playing the game, wise and careful
Under fire of allegiance when berated by an earful
Often lacking in opinion. Following in every direction
It hurts knowing he is a tool of deflection
Unaware that self-exclusion gives time for reflection
And trauma removed slowly should see him focus on his own protection

And then there is me
A persistent tragedy
Flirting with suicide
Misdiagnosis to hide
Courting the ghost of Elliott Smith
Narcotics down the drain
Sunshine drowned out by torrential rain
If ever my state was questioned I am conflicted on whether or not to refrain
It's rhythm lured in the passenger
An occurrence failiar to the cause
She came strapped to the teeth
Pockets containing shredded wire and gauze
They sat on either side
Couldn't have been further astray
Broken bottles left lying due to problematic devices
And an overflowing astray

Within days the change had tenderised sensory cognition
Struggling to see beyond what she would allow me to
They all call around whenever all falls down
Sadness follows into the clearing they try to help me through

I don't even know myself
Caring little for excessive wealth of health

I know her from the chill circulating my bones
Bones already brittle from a paranoid threat
I shiver under her pressure though tell them there is no reason to fret
Occasionally i can sleep resting delicately deep
Awaking pure and still
Black coffee and clean clothes in the hope no one knows
That I have a razorblade at the ready if it be her will

Woman without a face
Preferring not to speak her name
Tracks the mark made by an undone shoelace
Won't relent before achieving local fame

History will manage to repeat
As long as she is strapped to the teeth
History will butcher to corrupted meat
As long as she has the function of her hands and feet
Myra Levinson
I gave her a name. It gets easier once I know what to call her
I've put the wheels in motion to change my style of writing. The idea of writing something that resembles lyrics to a British Steel cover bands garbage output is beyond sickening and I like to think I'm better than that (Or maybe not, you be the judge). A little more introspective features and a little less reliance on classic buzz words for depression. Basically less Evile, more Interpol and Lanegan. My appreciation of Metal hasn't gone away thanks to hidden sub-genres but a change is necessary. For my health, creativity and pride. 
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  • Reading: Brave New World
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Davey V. Devine
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A quiet disposition counteracts silence through words on a page.

Current Residence: Ireland
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Favourite style of art: Surreal
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Favourite cartoon character: Uncle Ruckus
Personal Quote: Give me mayhem or Give Me Death

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