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Corrosion of bonds rides a pale horse
Anemia in the dense vacuum has run its course
Resembles an amicable divorce
I decline and we split the nucleus
So drying the source

Birthed unsteady between daunting exits
Rites of passage echoed in surnames
Evenings air took us from one another
And tightened the mood for me to feel shame
At first, a distance on principle of protocol
Then unwilingly at the hip
How it arose I still do not know
Muttered warnings in her ear in advance of the capsizing of our ship

In retrospect she was belonging to someone else
They had an unspoken duty to protect
But I gave her authority
A hawk over an insect

Paranoia suggested a facade
Though coincidence had that we were both breaking bad
Breaking bread behind closed doors
Both parties wound up on the floor
With experience of the fall clawing its way back
Her heartache. Our encouraged heart attack
Halfway down the spiral when the wolves presented
Spun for her a silver solution of which I always resented

This is strictly personal
Deals cut in remote quarters will catch me ghosting
Adulthood strains ability to cope
What we do in private is open for discussion depending on who is hosting

Tracing the exact date is a barefoot climb
I remember evidence. I would rather forget the crime
On an autumn night as cares parted
The witness crumbled as restoration of babylon started
A lone movement under suspicion by an unrelated sibling
Sister died alive, her mind is still missing
This can be twisted in numerous ways
Yet she sleeps as the rest of us lament that phase
A stoic exprssion piercing through laminated paper
Renders the sentiment a flood of questions
Complimentary glances ease the breif narcissism in its aftermath
And no one has perceived directly those cold eyes transmit an oppurtunity to learn a lesson
Of myself I perform an impression
Blinded by a national archaic trait
Afraid to impose
Has never stood in their way of pervading personal space in standing too close
But what is it I give in return?
An ocean of ostentation
Barely shielding a yearning for our parallel quandary to burn
The machine branded " falsehood" continues to churn

We are the spawn of economic stagnation
A half-hearted application moves forward in hopes of glory-days reconciliation
Instead its binge, purge and masturbation
In avoidance of the unholy trinity I am left to ponder social castration

Nothing is fine, nobody is ok
Masking disorders is the price to play
Even if the play is followed by sleepless nights and looming gray
The look on my face is the very least of my disgrace
Considering I have yet to decide on which pure-bred animal to chase
One might remind that both shoes are tied tight with matching lace
A consolation when the contorted note transports me to a truly gratifying place
Absence of all but a promise to listen should be enough
To halt their expectations that I am a cracked diamond in the rough
Until the awakening, I will huff, hold tough and bluff
Could it be a mass departure?
A spinal shiver
A crack in the architecture
Can't say for sure
But what I know is this
I never tasted a parting kiss
Could it be a side effect?
Contact as a means to protect
Even when my heart stalls beyond wrecked
Can't say for certain
But what I know is this
Came so close and somehow managed to miss

Could it be a subconscious call?
Another brick atop the wall
To explain why I'm feeling so small
Can't say for sure
But what I know is this
I'm coming down, I hope they understand it's hard to resist
Could it be a simple wrong?
They knew all along
And left me to choke on my own song
Can't say for certain
But what I know is this
I'm by myself and don't have the will to clench a fist
These are the mechanics of grotesque and prosaic
Operations in drowning under tampered stakes
Head rolls
Knee-buckle quakes
Please tell me that you can relate for gods sakes
West Feliciana valley driving at pace
A cautious tap on the brakes
Shake out the worst-case-scenario shakes
Because my grip on the pedal
Requires a tenacious sense of mettle
We've all been through the same, all made mistakes
It's just that mine are being re-inforced
I'm not alone but you can write your own to be read at your wake
Set destination for the petal
Veered toward thorn and nettle
Maybe I'll withdraw and claim this plain to settle
Though when it rains, it pours
Looted homes and boarded-up stores
I should be keeping score or at least aiming for an open door
To make for home
A sullied throne
Manufactured by voices,jack cards and bone
Tried to atone
Dozens of knives in a single stone
Blood only spills from a ghost on display
Yet still unknown
The moon stands to attract every howl and moan
In desparation sliding from a womb of conflagration
These are the mechanics of extremities and wretches spoilt further by solidified reprobation

These are the mechanics of an overkill overture
Operations in sincerity disregarding spite for the covert poseur
Reach out for amnesty, please
On hands and knees through the dilatory freeze
Everlasting, the option to cop a stance emitting steeze
But I'm white and Irish so aloof postures are treated as a tease
In the present tense
Humdrum and social circles dense
Mornings creep up to dispose of significant ponderings that sat on the fence
All corrodes to dollars and cents
Some things just refuse to waver
And a shot of bourbon is my newfound lifesaver
Partial mischievous behaviour
Scarce variety
Flavour sours soon as I savour
Makes a play for the essential condition
Health and happiness divided in partition
Forced to choose and I won't go swing loosely off the repitition
Those are the primary two, equal
I had high hopes for my very own sequel
To redeem and stream words such as these into carefully constructed scream
Maybe untie the ropes and let my swollen gums beam
Into a nervous smile
Nervous for just a short while
And then I would be the one to set the style
Though mental anchors dance to a rival tune
Spoke too soon
Has anyone gotten it down to a science
Even the fundamentals
It puts me on a straight path before getting distracted by passages experimental
I don't know where or when
For now; a keyboard and a pen
That's all I have to sit and watch the progression of men
One more question for my noose or my unlikely forward flow
Now that we have arrived at the line
Anxious tongues dance
Setting a trend for prospective parlance
One of us must lead a waltz macabre and speak on deception that everything is fine

Humiliated and tied to the tree of woe
Pervasion of suicidal technique heightening slow
To and fro
Goes the cull in an array that has nowhere to go but grow
For its own sake
Hinting of the romance resting at the lake
Forgotten apart from a rare life it was pleased to take
These are the perversions I choose not to fake

Increasing violin strains
Inherent psychopathy purposely butchers notes provoking pain to be feigned
So the song titled "Wits End" climbs above the apex to the most prominent grain
My skin to delicate vanguard of an unsterile brain

Led on splintered legs to waters designed to punish perplexity
Designated by callous sources of humour teasing banality
Mistaken for an ocean whose currents applaud collectively
I have made it to the edge where blame is subject to anonymity
I've put the wheels in motion to change my style of writing. The idea of writing something that resembles lyrics to a British Steel cover bands garbage output is beyond sickening and I like to think I'm better than that (Or maybe not, you be the judge). A little more introspective features and a little less reliance on classic buzz words for depression. Basically less Evile, more Interpol and Lanegan. My appreciation of Metal hasn't gone away thanks to hidden sub-genres but a change is necessary. For my health, creativity and pride. 
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