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Perfume hints
Lipstick traces
Sunglass tints
Affible graces
Breath mints
Open cases
Taste in abstract synths
Double-ply faces

The real you is underneath
Show me your version of hell
The imperfections like a gap in teeth
I too have perfectly ugly yet honest stories to tell
Accosted by the lure of transition
Primitive and hysterical intuition
Leads unresolved functions into bleak solitude
Taunting tender condition
The wolf is a pack of one
Because his diverse mood is prone to stun
Ancestor of hunters was self-sufficient without a gun
An obtuse spin and further my lambs will run
If they are sound of mind
It is clear I am not the kind
To coerce the steady tides
I can give them loyalty and broad shoulders
Latter and former a vacant trait in the appetite of brides
Sexuality weeps at the sight of alphabetical order and formulated folders

Physical demeanour in a state of transition
Opposites attract is an archaic superstition
Now I resemble the beautifully vain, sickened of my own volition
A complex industrial shattered by rural incision
Survival instincts drop below zero during midnight apparitions
So despite cosmetic and aesthetic
Changes on the surface
Sensations paralytic
Are emerging to strengthen what is already nervous
Reaping the nature of teenage violation
An outcome unfortunate enough to penetrate concentration
The value of which secured dignity despite intimidation
Losing more and more
And gaining the unwanted restrained behind bolted doors

In the wind I am pissing
Absence on selfish and misleading grounds
Hush at the other end though I waited for any sound
Detachment at a price
Lonliness insists on craving vices
Cave of course because assistance is nowhere to be found
Capital G is in limbo thoughout this crisis
What hurts the most is that coast to coast
No one reached and sought
Stands the possibility I may have been ultimately caught
And proceeded to spill guts, spit reasoning and convey the cryptic negative thoughts
I might be wrong and they felt justified all along
Jack built us a house of cards
Psychoactive properties reduced and so fell the guards

Last in plain view on a puerile kiss and a promise
Underhanded nectar took us apart before time was due
Those were the two on either corner but I do not know if these feelings are true
For the vanished individuals of esteem I am certain
That I am uncertain as to what to do
When the idle pleasantries run dry
And the only pleasure to bring us together
Is getting by in daylight so come evening we can get high
And I worry about the slip, the inability to grip
While they spiral diagonally there is little I can try
Little sister is ruined in disrepair
None of us seems to care
Elders and bystanders pulling out their hair
I breathe, stop and breathe again
Least I can execute because our collective wasting is too much to bear
Always inevitable that the fabric of relations would tear
The skinny
E is for nothing
And nothing trips a sincere conquest
Nothing quite like practical strangers ghosting
Unwillingness to resonate as a rising specter obviously left her unimpressed
A compulsion
Staring down the barrel of general expulsion
Aftercrush manifestation
Invokes bittersweet medicine just to halt relentless heart saturation

I am in this together now
And no one is piecing the puzzle
Instead piercing my muzzle
Though the danger is a factor for no more than the thin layers
Gullible casualties of the desecrated cloth should know better than to keep my kind in their prayers

E is for everything
And everything could prove to be erratic
The cause of a lost hour in traffic
But the safety source compels against pending outcome tragic
I should be tracing backwards and studying the misery records
Where mistakes were made
And disadvantages are stored
E is the only and F is a generous attachment grade

I am in this together now
And everyone has sidestepped the trail
We conclude that considerate passion won't fail
Though considerate may magnify to feral, the very idea is formidable
Who knew the the ladder to love could be so colossal
Corrupt reptiles swarm in droves
Trust is eight steps back
Shaking in the middle of the road
In the foetal position
Prey to conditions of attrition
Floods carrying lowly waters
Ascension fused with the rain and returned repressed
By vultures enthused to quell any target that slips out of range of the eye of perdition

To the guarded mountains
To the patrolled seafront
Peril before plateau
Friends and deceivers on watch for a reticent hunt
Their reasoning comes in clips of convulsing flashback sequences
Like capturing one key out of a thousand imitations
Prepared to respond beyond emotional limitations
Because every passing day suffers the stutter of acumen castration

Wise to the lies
Shame in reinforced ties
Little to my surprise
Next operation is to shake the foundations of the only route to the skies

And what of the reputable guise
Agenda anticipating underneath
Warm welcomes corner to corner
Knives for the back have them armed to the teeth
Still spiiting sentiment to swallow
Of meager value
Celestial movements or an increase in the gaping hollow
These restricted roads I know to be true

Outside the line of sensory wealth
Undertakings in honesty skewed
A coffin nail atop splinters in dire health
Pardon but I don't mean to be rude
When I question a drawn-out syllable
And dissect the entire word to uncover intentions by a capricious brood
Coming up empty on their rights to forced intrusion
History is in their favour as is the ability to strip me nude

Wise to the lies
Shame in reinforced ties
Little to my surprise
Out of the ether and toward the finale where a part of me is assured to die
Stalling toward irrelevancy
Dramatic backward stumble for effect
Parental guidance claims a travesty
What I've become has done all besides inject
Sealing exits in the faceless openings
Tabs kept on the second method of connection
Invited rejection
Invitations dwindle when removed from the spectrum of selection

Bourbon, white and other
Numbs the acerbic acquiecence of estrangement from my brother
Absence of convenient lovers
Clandestine and unobserved undercover

Of everything influencing the knife to my throat
None soaks polish on chrome more than a dusted black overcoat
Material held on strings by connected clouds
In these words and their formation sleeps ,dormant primarily, the vague reason to be proud
Old habits die hard
Second matured to be worst
Branded into the palm is a cadaverous card
Suggests an elegy in poverty of the first

Bourbon, white and rails
Differing from the tracks that clip the burden from its tail
I am the violence, the leviathan shunned by a stream of whales
Resistance on insistence by the spawn of bad dreams and complex rumoured tales

The results of misjudgment
Hearsay on the wind
Skills to cope are a flaming rope
Craven looks that don't disappear with bleach and industrial soap
Sticks and stones will shatter bones
I am indifferent to their plight
A barrage of compliments misconstrued as insults
Diffident in acceptance when their value is butchered and held underneath the light

Bourbon, Kentucky and vast shipments from the dirty south
Enlarge the capacity to open my mouth
Project heightening fears to the disfigured circle of company kept
Deaf ears though at the very least I will have slept

To corrolate this with a spiral in any direction
Would be a naive misunderstanding of a struggle
Trails of clues preceding deflection
Worms its way to the substantial bag of tricks I still credulously attempt to juggle
Patiently waiting for the switch
Recently taught to stitch incase inaudible screeching leads to a ditch
Prying fingers from its stranglehold
It gets better or so I am told

Bourbon, chasers and legal medicine
So lonesome that I convince myself that I am the villain
A sick joke and then you croak
Now comes the switch and gamblers would be wise cut deals for the odds are in favour of an inceptive choke

I've put the wheels in motion to change my style of writing. The idea of writing something that resembles lyrics to a British Steel cover bands garbage output is beyond sickening and I like to think I'm better than that (Or maybe not, you be the judge). A little more introspective features and a little less reliance on classic buzz words for depression. Basically less Evile, more Interpol and Lanegan. My appreciation of Metal hasn't gone away thanks to hidden sub-genres but a change is necessary. For my health, creativity and pride. 
  • Mood: Bitter
  • Listening to: Hadouken!
  • Reading: Brave New World
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Davey V. Devine
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Personal Quote: Give me mayhem or Give Me Death

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