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I found my way back with reservations in tow
Out of the woodland
Scowling out of habit
Soles anchored with dust, regret and sand
My labored hands
Took up an instrument and stood to the side of the band
These hesitation marks below ankles
Will halt an absolute reprise
Unspoken shackles
My time in the gutter repeats a warning to be wise
When I was at my worst
Perdition relieved by blunt thirst
And quenched seldom by greeting assumed to be fashioned of utter lies
Sympathy for maturity can be kept for vermin and flies
I'm on my back to the centre
From conflict to perpetual contact
One worry drifting now that exterior forces have helped her
But I'll guard my chest so they can finish this and aim for my back
For faults and failures
A tool to coerce drowning
Pity the optimistic youngling
Chance is closing in and hounding
The lesson of which to take note
Is to appease two of every animal until safe to exit Noah's boat
A goodbye is hardship unnecessary
Welcome their similiar steps toward selfish sustenance as the primary

Find guide in the river
A landing in the jagged rocks
From a great height I equate to solid ground
Much to modern chagrin and backward collective shock

For pride and pennance
Weapons beneath a cloth hiding personal desires
Age and its witness to the fall
Slowly tracks away from spitting fires
Retrieve lost pleasures then misplace them again
So goes the cycle for which we feign gratitude
The preacher suggests a venerable albeit olden route
Holding necks by the boot and so removing latitude

Survey the base satisfaction of man, woman and child
Establish reserve of their combined years
Therein is passing joy swallowed by a lifespan strictly mild
Follow through or drown in acrid tears
Recurring themes
Ruins serve their purpose
A reminder of limitless debauchery
All that could have been
But the supply in a stranglehold
Perpetuated rattled cages and that is more than I wish I had ever seen

When spread before likely casualties
Unaware of eventual atrophy
Guilt festered in optimism and hubris
Damned the consequence hours subsequently
Devestating reaction negated the climbing agony

Come morning we had lost ourselves
Rationality only in undertones of slurred speech
Confidence shattered
Now it matters
For objects to grip and occupy are further out of reach

Demonstrating effects of a diagonal spiral
Exterior still, innards tidal
Relations curbed, arrested development unbridled
Dirty deeds at the expense of Mistress time
Illegal status swings below significance in the scheme of moral crime
Convinced the sallow's gaping mouth is provoking justified currents
Reasons complex
Contracted whistling reduces fingers that represent
Scanning its disreputable shallow text
What of the plateau next?
A dawn phase wherein the fundamentals of hereafter are spent
Pure paragons burn a hole through the coward
For whose sake and how will I relent?

An extension of dire extremities
Opens the floodgates to contemptible memories
Past to the front
Caustic vigor set aside as the litter's runt
To the briars at dusk for the mourning
Of pyres holding my faceless muse for the severe result of spurned scorning
Who warned the siamese exile?
He himself before crowning the surplus pile

The result of austere confinement
Can be concluded in its wrought anticipation
If abject solitude generates sensory alignment
Self-restrained subjects subjected to charity encouraged of mitigation
Reiterated with bated breath and discreet exasperation
Sometimes the prize is noted in the swarm of flies
And followed by a miasma that spills out to ultimately end in reassuring lies
A rising percentage will hurt, the minority sees to it that matter dies
Resting in a supposed cornucopia of upstream ratification
Souring on trepidation
Wolves at the door incensed at the justification
Of all things equal and a wealth of winter's reluctant reparations
Downward the dust on fashions and patterns
Alignment of spheres from this desolate rock to saturn
And I am here convinced that I don't matter
Treading muddy waters to the tune of the mad hatter

We've hit the seventh
Tomorrow marks the first
Encounter six removed from the eleventh
I've forgotten where we left off though my tongue is trigger happy
And set to burst

How to begin when ignorant of the sin
At least that is how i see it
Colour me anxious if met with broad grins
The opening sentence could dissolve confidence and lead me to a fit
And if not, what tales of the separation am I supposed to spit
Complicate their meaning with bravado and wry wit
Our distance stemmed from paranoia and how I failed to give a shit
Into hostile territory where enemies and darlings, as one, collectively sit

Your invitation was a blessing
Clarity as to where we stand
Grievances disrobe in advance of unconditional undressing
The very idea explains the tremble in my hands

Transmitting transparency
My excuses in line at a tourist-centric gallery
I never meant for this
A misunderstanding on multiple fronts
A man reverting accused of petulant stunts
I can hear the bystanders hiss
Changes brewing, numbers thinning
The devil to my right is shamelessly grinning
Awkward exchanges with strangers whom I adore
Let it be as it was before
Once I have been greeted at the door
In tears of joy and always yours
I've put the wheels in motion to change my style of writing. The idea of writing something that resembles lyrics to a British Steel cover bands garbage output is beyond sickening and I like to think I'm better than that (Or maybe not, you be the judge). A little more introspective features and a little less reliance on classic buzz words for depression. Basically less Evile, more Interpol and Lanegan. My appreciation of Metal hasn't gone away thanks to hidden sub-genres but a change is necessary. For my health, creativity and pride. 
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Davey V. Devine
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A quiet disposition counteracts silence through words on a page.

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Favourite cartoon character: Uncle Ruckus
Personal Quote: Give me mayhem or Give Me Death

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