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My vulnerability went on display
An exhibition of hide and toil
In the basement of the abandoned gallery
A portrait, a showcase of a rotting apple retired in soil

Genetic habitual ritual states that a peculiar son must revert
Into a cavity certain of the situations brevity
Present gifts to flatter the safety net and her steadfast smothering limbs
These offerings though in blunt disrepair can pierce the lining and protect the desperate and grim

When I take a seat metres from the party of friends
Moving pictures of the record that pioneered The Bends
I am the paranoid android with so little to say
And yet so much of the upheavel that doused substance abuse on the gauze as I fought half-heartedly to mend

Disorder in the morning. Waking thoughts of dawn-kissed suicide
Paper bills and a sleight-of-hand promise are not enough
Asking for too much then guilt shrivels endurance
So in illuminated phantasm blurring tragedy and comedy I repeat recurring artistry of manipulation and bluff

Joy Division holds me down
Throwing knives at the emotion wheel
Always settles between sad and an interzone allowing a choice between feeble and hardheaded
It's not isolation if the cerebral unspoken ride along for the eventual crash attributed to an evenings analgesic encumbered meal

Crushed sedatives
All the fixings
A gallon of water to soak my throat
Turning down sugared mixings
Drone, pills and tranqs
Pusher on speed dial
AM stoic spacing
By then I will have skulled the nile

The day after I'm clinging to the rafters
Escape route hit a snag
I'm alone again
By the bed is seroquel and loose fags

On the off chance I share this downward slope with peers
I don't come close to revealing any honest tears or straight-and-narrow pattern smears
Or frightening fears
Instead I inadvertendly share capitulation that escalated a gear

In the swelling eye of a sustenance storm
Why can't I feel reborn
Lonely on my own among the sleep
Even worse surrounded by intimate companions and jealous of had times
I was absent for and that there is no way to return and reap

Birth, reprehensible mistakes, conformist education and oblivion
In twenty-four hours I could be six feet underneath
So I'll craft my own wreathe
Spare their expense
I cannot go on much longer knowing the certainties and the calm resting beneath
Extended sentence in the suburbs
Just salt in the wounds
Outdoor pools in the negative for the majority
Reminiscent of opening credits to a classic sitcom accompanied by a run-of-the-mill theme tune
Give me a scene from platoon or any unrest that can prick this bubble, this overbearing balloon
Beside the highway to low dealings and cardboard shelters
A horizontal helter skelter
That or you can take a hit from the chloroform rag
Did you hear about the neighbours? It gets hardcore when they frequent the supermarket minus their own plastic bags
The shame of it all. Side-eye galore at the local market stall
A pristeen lawn set up the rise
A busy schedule lat the groundwork for the fall
There's something a little sinister about an unannounced visit from a minister
And there's something so tremendously dull about whispers regarding the weather
A coast to coast topic though the common sight of flaming light renders it tolerable, just a little better
Switch and flip it. He leans for the purse, grips it and legs it
The shocked tourist pegged it
Over the south of the river where the misguided have no reason to quiver
They sure will shiver at the price of kiln-roasted liver
If you seek pretensious artistry amid the walls of unsigned graffiti
Keep to the right of the station to keep company with self-righteous indignation
I could scale it back and place focus on the hive of the locust
Taking to the streets in protest
Late to the party as we have divided the spoils to satisfy our interests
And on the other side in the craggy slum of apathy
Where the conservative mind has pre-spent his salary
Straight on past the makeshift gallery
This paints a picture of the difference
One that puts one foot in front of the other void of my interference

Last ride to Baton Rouge
Winter came killing my romantic idea of post-summer
Going out whimpering and coming home scowling
Even my neutered dogs are growling
When every day is exactly the same
Save for the position of the frame
On the four walls is a design of what's offered in my name
The October break numbed what I have yet to christen
Added layers to the strain I've been stressing
Now december is an oncoming lesson
I should have left by now
Instead I skimmed the papers and bought the cow
There's turmoil on the streets
Anguish on placards and children in bare feet
So its not just me
The sadness of the same old encompasses society
My feeble apologies were given because right now I need sanctuary
But expendable youth took to long in rehearsing an allegory
And didn't shoot straight to procure a disposition at least an honest try away from being friendly
Then there's the girl to whom I haven't spoke
Or picked her brain on her preference between pepsi and coke
There goes another and another
Minimal contact with my younger brother
Friends reach out so I duck for cover
Devise a list of aspirations to please my mother
Where does it all end?
In these words wherein I don't have to pretend
This is where I am at
Drat and double drat
Healing is supposed to clear the air
The process reduces me to a stare
Unclear of my standing as a strand of hair
SpliT ends are usually discarded if no purpose is served
Quite fankly, I am receiving the treatment I deserve
Baton rouge is a pipe dream, a riduiculous chapter unwritten
Though I would rather abstain from the allure of the southern belle
And go on deep in introspection with certain people at my side across way on the milder side of hell
He swung back and forth within a tight knot
Above his neck he was bound
Wide-eyed and a peculiar shade of blue
They slept sound
Not so much as a whimper to stir their dreams
It was the dark of the night
He didn't suggest or scatter a trail of suspicion
He quenched the flame and took to the other side leaving a traumatic sight

Twenty questions on the palm of my hand
But I already know the answer
High and dry less the head sibling
She shuffles her feet though at one time was a dynamic dancer
The discovery sucked the animation clean
The only comfort was the method of death, to the point unlike cancer

I heard little for a fortnight
The closer acquaintance listened intently to the brunt
Reserved and enraged at the high impact end of grief
Then a waterfall so forceful it put shame on a conceited stunt
The five stages stretched out as was her right
The very notion puts me in a spin
And I can't relate due to my youth in a similiar circumstance
I was told of a peaceful passing, her maturity allowed for the gory details of what had been

Twenty questions on the palm of my hand
But I already know the answer
High and dry less the head sibling
She shuffles her feet though at one time was a dynamic dancer
The discovery sucked the animation clean
The only comfort was the method of death, to the point unlike cancer

Our friendship had been a slow burner
It wasn't my place to speak
But I insisted on hearing of the cause and effect
At first it was only basic mutterings to stop her falling weak
Tears on my shoulder was a turning point
Let it out and shed justified pain
In the Spring of this year
There was little reason to refrain
Having come close to the edge, having woefully written the note
I understood to a degree exactly what made him abandon the float
But it crashed down on her and we were eager not to repeat
I'll go miles to assure that no one exits dangling with limp feet

Twenty questions on the palm of my hand
But I already know the answer
High and dry less the head sibling
She shuffles her feet though at one time was a dynamic dancer
The discovery sucked the animation clean
The only comfort was the method of death, to the point unlike cancer

All I can do is swallow my pride and be a rock of relief
Keep my composure and give her what she needs that was stolen by a faceless thief
It may not be enough, she is hurting every day
If we all come together we can lead her to effervescent pastures so she can non-chalantly stray
And not one more word of this nightmare will she be asked to say
Take away the early nu-metal trash and Soulfly are actually a solid groove piece. Who Knew? 
A good-looking young man with achievable prospects

I can strum away on a few simplistic Dylan tunes
Never spun the decks
Have had my hands all over
Never questioned my reputation regarding sex
Clean and sober on a pescatarian diet
Never catch me spoiling the weekend at anywhere other than the cineplex
I can complete the state challenge including capitals by memory
Never focused on significant studies that are far less complex
Loose skin lost and more to lose
Not enough to use expanding muscles as a flirtation device. My dour personality maintains the irresistible effect
A walking and vast encyclopedia of indie films, cable sitcoms, underground hip-hop and human interest stories
Never been of use in a small country where limited are the gigs from which to select
Employed and praised publically for the effort of the tasks I assume
All too easy in the groove where everyone's opinion is always correct
Single and looking for quite awhile
Never did courtship come easy when stuttering nonsense like a deer in the headlights and an eventual suspect
I fall for woman after girl after lady after chick
Never dreamed I could offer them anymore than a casual fling and my respect
Quiet, a little too so
Never got the impression my words had a chance of keeping their attention
Chronically depressed and a slight case of OCD that revolves around hygiene
Day after day is up and down and few aspects of whatever I am crawling through are residing in safe retention

Genuine, loyal to a fault, non-judgmental and equipped with a dark and mischievous humour
So says my shrink
A step up from the comped clinic
And a relaxed environment to indolently think
Medication out of reach
Weekly sessions sequestered to promote liberty and to protect
With the bad comes the good
I'm still a good-looking young man with achievable prospects
I've put the wheels in motion to change my style of writing. The idea of writing something that resembles lyrics to a British Steel cover bands garbage output is beyond sickening and I like to think I'm better than that (Or maybe not, you be the judge). A little more introspective features and a little less reliance on classic buzz words for depression. Basically less Evile, more Interpol and Lanegan. My appreciation of Metal hasn't gone away thanks to hidden sub-genres but a change is necessary. For my health, creativity and pride. 
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