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Let it out, my dear, goodbye
Breathe relief, i'm gone, tears dry
Never meant, how could i be so blind
Your hollow shell will fill sometime

And i know this cant wait 'til tomorrow
So madly in pain, stricken with sorrow

Squeeze the juice out of life now i'm gone
And your lips move upwards, nothing's wrong
Feel free to dance in the rain and sing our song
And i hope when you enter a room you feel as though you belong

And i know this can't wait until tomorrow
There was no more time that i could beg, steal or borrow

Raise your head from the gutter without me
It's alright, we all have to bleed
Once in awhile you may think of me
Cast it away, that memory is there to sow the seed
No defence, i was far too busy treading water
And i forgot that you were somebody's daughter

Now go eat life like wanted to
Take a bite of the apple and i'll know what you said was true
We'll move on in very different ways
You will ascend and i'll find shelter with the stray's
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November 21, 2012
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